We are a team of dedicated professionals who started this business from belief rather than from an opportunity to make a quick profit. We appreciate perfection and that is why we strive for it. We are not afraid to say this, because we know we have the team, knowledge and values to deliver this performance. It also means taking the time to build a consolidated and sound portfolio of services for our clients, just as we build our own company: brick by brick and layer by layer.

Our belief is that we can do things differently, in everything from the way we build our business to the way we relate to the client and improve the customer experience.

Calin Damian


We are committed to partnering with our clients both because of our dedication and because we genuinely like working and interacting with people. We do not simply deliver a solution, but we create a relationship with our clients to understand their business, their needs, their resources and what can be best applied in these circumstances.

Why choose Temperfield?

  • We are passionate technology people: a good part of our job is about keeping track of technological developments, studying new products and monitoring trends. From this perspective, we have the best available technologies for a client at any given time, for all our areas of expertise.
  • We understand business mechanisms, so we make sure that the right technology matches the existing business and blends into the process, improving it.
  • We practice what we preach: we factor in our accumulated experience and our knowledge of technologies
  • We pride ourselves with our global outreach and international partners. We use our expertise in transnational scenarios and developed operational skills in multicultural environments.
  • No overheads: we guarantee that your project will be completed on time and on budget, with no surprises or additional costs.
  • We talk to you: as service providers, we want to make sure we can deliver our service and this means a two-way communication. We can guarantee to our clients that there is always a human voice at the end of the line.
  • We speak your language: our clients will not deal with people who speak only in terms like “hybrid cloud service” and other dense technical words. This is not us. We want our clients to understand what we are saying when we partner with them and agree on the best approach for their business.

How everything started

We started our work in 2007, with the belief that we can deliver higher quality and expertise, compared not to our competitors, but to existing norms and standards. The credo that the quality of services is our core mission made us continuously create our own thresholds and standards that define the way we relate with our clients, understand their needs and communicate our solutions. As part of our vision, we continuously improve our performance and that starts with improving our communication and relationship with the clients, who are our most important stakeholders.

From 2008 onwards, we combined our interest in technology with our belief in people and what they can offer. We grew our team by selecting not only professionally capable people, but individuals able to deliver the services the way we wanted them delivered: adding value, providing quality, partnering with our clients to deliver our commitments.