The most successful companies in the 21st century are those that are able to identify and develop new opportunities by incorporating and interpreting, in a meaningful manner, information and data from multiple sources. Business intelligence as a service comes as a flexible and potentially complementary instrument that aims to aid organizations to achieve all this. Business intelligence solutions support the decision making process in companies, by presenting relevant data and information through user-friendly interfaces.

What BIaaS does

With business intelligence as a service, Temperfield ensures that data from a large number of actors, entities and operations is integrated, processed and presented in a way that is accessible to the decision makers and other relevant actors in your company, generating new insights into potential opportunities. The added value of this type of integration is significant, including because it allows users to research and understand elements such as customer profiles, revenue and costs or purchasing patterns. Through our services, the organization is able to gain new perspectives from available information.

What Temperfield does

Temperfield’s advantage over other companies in the field of business intelligence comes from its belief in offering a service that changes the paradigm and improves the customer experience. Starting with a free evaluation session of the client’s core needs (accessibility, integration, real-time reporting),Temperfield offers its customers the ability to explore the service by reporting on their own data.

Temperfield creates a customized BI as a service framework which maximizes added value.

As all our approaches, this is also a dynamic process, generated and continuously improved by the new requirements and challenges that our client faces.


  • no upfront cost for hardware or licenses
  • easy consumption and accessibility, through Internet-based connection, no matter the device you use (iPad, PC, laptop)
  • the data is hosted in the country of choice (for Romania, IBM Datacenter)
  • flexibility of a cloud based service