The present environment relies on interconnectivity between individuals, companies and computing machines. Interconnectivity facilitates communication and information exchanges over the same network. For companies and organizations, this translates into an efficient and cost-effective manner of increasing productivity.

Each new opportunity and approach also brings about risks and threats. The paradigm by which all data is stored, processed and presented by interconnected computing systems implies security concerns for every CIO and the challenge of protecting and securing the data and information.

At the same time, integrating platforms and ensuring a common denominator for devices and protocols, namely convergence, has a significant impact on organizational efficiency and cost effectiveness. Convergence consolidates and pools IT resources, enabling also a centralized management and better support to automate IT processes. Because of characteristics such as ease to scale up or down, flexibility and easier resource provisioning, converging IT infrastructure is one of the approaches towards building a cloud platform.

What Temperfield does

We are guided by principles in the industry and are aligned to the trends that support the argument that a network needs to be accessible and secure, but we know and understand that each client is unique. With that in mind, we look to the particular needs of our client before proposing appropriate networking solutions.

Our approach aims at a rigorous, yet flexible control that also maximizes security and ensures the implementation of a dynamic and sustainable framework of devices and applications.

The characteristics of cyberspace in the 21st century imply potential vulnerabilities to cyber attacks that are more and more complex. We give particular attention to this state of play by providing security evaluations and focusing on reducing exposure with the implementation of high performance solutions in the network security area.

Our range of services and solutions include:

  • Network Plan & Design
  • Network Health Check
  • Network Installation, Configuration and Testing
  • Network Optimization
  • Network Management
  • Security Infrastructure Plan & Design
  • Firewall / VPN/ IPS
  • Security Assessment
  • Physical Security
  • Content Filtering (URL/protocol filtering, antivirus/antispam)
  • Data Security (Data Loss Prevention or Data Leakage Prevention)


  • Cost-effective Resource Sharing
  • Efficient Business Processes
  • Employee collaboration opportunities
  • Secure Access to Information

Technologies: Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, Imprivata