Managed services is the concept by which the client transfers the responsibility of managing a particular IT service to an outside provider. Under the managed services umbrella, the external provider assumes several service-level objectives, such as reliability, performance and availability.

No matter how many components define the solution or how complex interactions within or outside the container are, the important characteristics of these services are the integrated and reliable manner in which they are delivered and cost predictability.

The company assuming the managed services model has access to a larger pool of resources to efficiently allocate IT specialists on projects. The economies of scale that are thus created benefit both sides, creating greater opportunities for the client’s budget, including access to a greater variety of expert skills and qualification.

Managed services have become, more and more, a solution to lower costs and maximize operational productivity of company staff.

Enterprise Computing Management

Enterprise Computing Management allows outside consultants to manage IT infrastructure in an organization. Enterprise Computing Management includes a large array of systems and services, such as Servers or clusters of servers, Virtualization technologies, Networks, Security Infrastructures, Storage Solutions and Operating System Management, Remote Database Management or IT Infrastructure Services.

End-user computing

End-user computing management deals with end-user platforms and devices in an organization, overseeing these and assuming responsibility for their optimal functionality.

What Temperfield does

We have an integrated and customized approach, looking at different ways that remote infrastructure management can optimize IT activity in a company.

We are never afraid to propose additional solutions that could work towards that goal. We have developed processes and procedures aimed at increasing the economic efficiency for the customer. As always, our approach goes beyond the simple and the obvious: we look ahead of current issues and problems and evaluate based on a medium to long-term outlook.

The passion and drive we put into all our projects aggregate into an effective commitment to clients who employ our assistance in managed services. We embrace our full responsibility to the companies we work with and translate this into a proactive engagement, aiming to maximize performance. Our experts’ competence and field expertise are key to making the transfer more efficient for the client.


  • Leads to focus on core business activities
  • Efficiently controls and lowers costs
  • Lower risks and potential threats
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Access to a more diverse range of human resource, including elite professionals
  • Increased flexibility
  • Consolidation and centralization opportunities
  • Increased efficiency and competitiveness

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